Smithers Rotary Club Projects

The main goal of the Rotary Club of Smithers is to raise money which goes back directly into our community, as well into various projects around the globe. This is accomplished through Rotary’s Core Values of: Service, Fellowship, Diversity, Integrity and Leadership.

Past Projects

  • Trail to Town linking town to Hudson Bay Mountain
  • Entrance way Kiosks and signs at the east end of Smithers
  • Skateboard Park at Heritage Park
  • Walking Bridge on the Smithers Perimeter Trail
  • Trail to Town beautification project (clearing and grooming the trail linking Hudson Bay Mountain to Smithers)
  • resurfacing bridge over Kathlyn Creek (behind Golf Course)

Recent Projects

  • Support for Bulkley Lodge Deck
  • Grendel Group Kitchen
  • Purchasing a rescue sled for the Ski Patrol
  • Books for Babies Literacy Program
  • Telkwa Kids Park Swing Set, among many others

Future Projects

  • Rotary Main-Street Entrance Park
  • Swimming Pool Access for the disabled, and an expansion of the Literary Program

International Projects

  • The Rotary Foundation
  • Polio Plus (eradicating Polio in every country)
  • Child Focus Africa – Kenya
  • Shelter Box Program
  • World Peace Fellowships, among others

Rotary Community Trail “Trail to Town”

The Rotary Club of Smithers has developed a trail that connects the town of Smithers to the Hudson Bay Mountain Resort.